The Best Sports for Girls

Sports is a domain of men. I am not anti-feminist. I am just basing it on the major sports here in the United States like the American Football. The female counterpart of NFL is not mainstream. I mean there is an existing all Women Football League, but it does not match up the popularity of its male counterpart.

Same with the basketball scene. Yes, WNBA is already getting there and very popular but for me it is still not that point that it can compete with NBA. So, that leaves me questioning if I am woman and I want to pick up a sport that I want to be a professional and make it as my living, what will I choose then? 

Basing on the ranking the top 4 sports that are popular for women in the United States are basketball, soccer, softball and hockey. If I am to choose a sport, I want to pursue I should choose one of the four.

Women in Basketball

Like I said above going with basketball is a great option. You can follow the likes of Sue Bird, Candace Parker and others. Basketball has a development program already while you are in elementary and high school, so it is already accessible. All you have to is work hard and work on your skill as a basketball player.

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There is a survey that compared to males, there is a substantial percentage of females that drops out of sports in their teens. According to experts, this phenomenon is driven by a handful of reasons. Because of this reason daughters should be encouraged by parents to continue doing the sports she prefers until she can reach professional level hopefully.

Sports is Universal

Sports is universal and it is not exclusive for men only. It is nice to see women excelling on the different sports that men usually dominate.

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Sport Equipment Types

If you love sports should use the right exercise equipment for it. This is important to avoid injuries while you are practicing your skill. Practice makes perfect so when you are into a sport you need to practice a lot. To maximize your exercise, you need the best equipment, so it is important to know the best equipment for your exercise.


If your sport is one of the ball games like volleyball, basketball, soccer or football, then you need a ball. Selecting the appropriate ball for your chosen sport is important. Imagine using the ball for volleyball while you are practicing for basketball.

Sticks, Bats and Clubs

Different sports used a wide variety of equipment. For lacrosse or hockey, sticks are used for it. Bats are used for baseball or softball and clubs are used for golf. Selecting the appropriate equipment for the corresponding sport is vital in bringing out your best performance and in the end avoiding you from injuries while you are exercising.

Hoops, Nets and Goals

Sports like volleyball, tennis and badminton needs nets. Sizes differ according to the court size. Goals on the other hand are used in football or soccer. While for games like baseball or softball you don’t need nets but a base or a wicket. Get your the latest about hoop betting and check out the offers at EZ Bonus Promo Codes. And for basketball of course you need hoops, there are also portable hoops that you can use to have practice sessions virtually anywhere.

Sport Gears Used

Sports gear are those that are worn by the athlete such as footwear. There are different types of footwear for different types of sports. There is a footwear for basketball and board for skate differs, as well as golf shoes, spikes and skis for skiing. What I am trying to arrive at is that different shoes are worn for each sport. What ever is the sport the primary concern is to protect the athlete from injury.

Shirts, jackets and protective gear are worn in different sports. Likewise, the different vehicle used such as in the sport of sailing, racing, cycling, golf cart and air ballooning.

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