Toddler Discipline: Alternatives to Punishment

Toddlers are just full of energy and they don’t mean trouble. They are on the stage that they want to understand and discover things in their surroundings. They are still learning and growing to coordinate their bodies and control their impulses. It seems everyday toddlers makes a mess, makes mistakes and do these things repeatedly, that parents are baffled and helpless on how to control them.

It is hard to handle toddlers in their messy and yucky situations. You may use the time out chair as means controlling a rowdy toddler, but this will unlikely prevent the naughtiness from re occurring. This style may just end up your toddler upset, anxious and confuse.

Below we listed the things you can do as an alternative to punishing your toddler form misbehaving:

Provide an Environment that is Friendly to Your Kid

If you keep on repeating to reprimand your kid to not touch the vase because it might break, or you keep on telling your kid to stop climbing the table because the potted plant may collapse. Then you might reconsider temporarily keep these things out of the way or place it on a place that is far from children’s reach. Having a place that can be easily be navigated by your toddler then this will minimize the hassle of reprimanding your kid and things will also be easy on your part.

Toddler Needs Should be Met

If you see that your kid is cranky and restless, then you need to check a few things such as are they tired, hungry, bored or is it time to change nappies. Meeting their needs right away will bring harmony back once again. This act will make sure ease all the things that bothers your kid. To give the best stroller for your kid you might to read great articles on it here.

Create a Routine and Keep It

Toddler love a routine. This will your toddlers expect what will come next and learn to act accordingly because it is in repetition. This will also help your child feel they are in control of their own environment. It is also highly suggested to have flexibility on their routine. Like one morning you can ask your child to brush his teeth rather than take a bath.